Kirk Lloyd Babbitt

Please use this page to express condolences and well wishes for the family. All comments must be approved before they are posted, so be patient with me. I will get everything that is appropriate on the page as soon as possible.

From the family, let me say thank you to everyone who has and who will continue to pray for Angie and her family. This type of support is very valuable to her.

Thank you, and God bless…

-Mike Stephenson
CleverPawn at gmail.com

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Aerodynamic Flutter?

This new story is from the AP about the Zodiac XL possibly being grounded by the NTSB.

 Read the details here.

April 28th Update: Fox13 removed the link and I cannot find the story. Let me know if you do and I will post the new link. Searches there revealed nothing.

Funeral Services

The funeral services were very nice. Angie would like to express her thanks to everyone who attended and all those who were not able to attend but would have liked to that sent condolences.

There was an audio recording of the service and as soon as Angie gets her copy from Larkin, she has said that she will provide it to me so that it can be posted for everyones benefit. Keep watching the Funeral page, or subscribe to the feed on posts. There won’t be very many, but I will post the updates as soon as I can.

If you have a website with your own post you would like to share, send it to me and I will post a link.

Also, please keep contributing stories about Kirk. I will post a couple myself, including the now-famous “Nut Job”. I am also working on locating a copy of the yearbook that Kirk invaded in Orem, but I can’t make promises there. I have no clue where it is right now.